"Chris is one of the most tenacious and energetic leaders I know. I've had the privilege of being his peer for several years and saw him deliver in technical, managerial and strategic roles. Chris can present to C-level executives and then turn around and talk shop with developers without even pausing. His ability to scale an organization is impressive, as are his presentation skills. It's important that you realize what Chris brings to the table. If you're looking for a passive individual that will punch a clock and collect a paycheck, then Chris isn't the right person. However, if you want someone that will hold others accountable and drive positive organizational - someone who will keep the best interests of the company at heart - then Chris should definitely be part of the team. I'd gladly work with him again."

— Sean McCormack, VP of Solutions Engineering, Grainger

"Chris is a passionate leader who seeks to improve himself and all those around him. His keen insights and strong understanding of both technology and organizational opportunities provide a unique and powerful perspective to drive change. Chris gets to the heart of an issue quickly and possesses the fortitude to drive the necessary change through an organization. As a technologist, Chris has a diverse background to draw upon. He has proven many times that he can quickly change altitudes based on the audience and need. He is comfortable and effective in tasks including: business planning, strategy development, enterprise architecture, as well as detailed architectural analysis. As a manager, Chris successfully balances hands on guidance with delegation to provide growth opportunities for his teams. He empowers each team member to individually execute and develop, while providing feedback and assistance when necessary. I have the utmost respect for Chris, and would recommend him to any organization that wishes to improve their effectiveness."

— Scott Bockheim, Director of Cloud Services, Starbucks

"I have worked closely with Chris on several projects. He possesses a broad level of technical knowledge, yet he can easily dive deeper into technologies as necessary to provide depth. His rare ability to provide a strategic vision with tactical action plans makes him a great asset. Chris is an individual whom I regularly seek input from because not only do I have confidence in his technical expertise, I trust his desire to do what is right for the organization as a whole. I value his perspective on technology impacts and how to invoke organizational change to ensure the greatest success. He strives to advance the knowledge of those he works with by sharing information and ideas. I respect his skills, value his advice, and very much enjoy working with him."

— Gina Nordseth, Technical Project Manager, Foremost Information Technology Services, LLC

"I worked very closely with Chris at Miller Brewing Company and the subsequent Miller-Coors merger. Chris is a very talented systems architect that understands the business problem to be addressed and applies his vast knowledge and strategic thinking to find the right solution. Chris challenges the status quo in the right areas and at the right time. He was instrumental to the selection of Teradata as the new data warehousing platform to accommodate the Miller-Coors data volume. In addition to his deep technical knowledge and ability, he has strong leadership skills and works to influence key stakeholders. Chris is a great asset."

— Carrisa Rollins, CIO Employer and Individual - UHC, United Health Care

"Chris has great breadth and depth of knowledge across all IT infrastructure and IT management principles. I would include him as an advisor on any major technology initiative."

— Kerry Marti, Vice President, PDS

"Chris is a very talented, logical, and precise individual. He has a very strong language and articulations skills to complement his equally strong technical understanding of Information Technology. I have known and worked with Chris throughout his career at MillerCoors. He understands technology and is able to explain his vision of how to identify and solve business problems using the technologies available. I have worked with him on projects where he has been the architect as well as in his roles as the manager of architects and now in his current role as Senior Manager defining the IT Strategy and Architecture. In each of those roles, Chris has provided a clear vision to project teams, a clear set of directions and guidelines to the architects that he managed, and now provided a crisp explanation of identifying and applying IT strategies that match the company's operating model. He is dedicated, loyal, and a person of high integrity. I am confident that wherever he applies his talents, the results will be spectacular.""

— Vinay Pandey, VP Chief Quality Officer & Chief Information Officer, Independent Care Health Plan

"Chris has a powerful combination of strategic thinking, clear communication, and disciplined execution. He is self-directed and quickly moves ideas from concept to implementation, including the change management and reinforcement required to drive the adoption of new ideas and practices. He is skilled at tailoring communications for the audience, diving deep when required yet effective at conveying key concepts in a non-technical manner as required. Overall, a strong leader with the proven ability to execute."

— Rick Laatsch, Director BIS Services, MillerCoors

"I've known Chris for a long time. He is one of the most determined and focused individuals I've ever known. Chris has a depth of knowledge in software development and architecture that spans a wide breadth of technologies. His passion for solutioning the most appropriate technology to deliver business value is right in line with his ability to drive adoption and fully realize that vision."

— Bob Schmidt, Founder and Managing Consultant, Supernova Force LLC

"Regardless of the organizational role he plays, he constantly challenges me to improve my skills and to challenge the boundaries I think are there. His passion for finding the right technical solutions to business problems and desire to improve organizational effectiveness causes people to amass around him. His passion shows through in his excellent communication skills. He understands his audience and then concisely conveys his message in the form the audience will best receive it. Beside this passion, Chris still manages to have a participative approach with a high degree of accountability. If I ever disagreed with something I knew he would listen and we could debate it. I have known Chris for over 10 years now and continue to seek his counsel. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking for technical or organizational leadership."

— Erin Allen, Director - IT Strategy & Architecture, Sargento Foods Inc.

"I have worked with Chris for almost a year now. Chris is a brilliant, idea-oriented leader. He inspires those around him to believe in his vision and achieve the goals he sets for his team. Another thing which I have found in Chris is that he is very approachable. He collaborates with the team to understand the concerns, innovates new ideas based on the problems, shares his thoughts and ultimately works with the team. He is not afraid to take risks and execute on it."

— Kaycee Whitaker, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, Omni Resources

"Although having worked with Chris for only a short time, his knowledge in architecture, application development, and overall business quickly became apparent. Chris brought vision and leadership to a disorganized group of people. Quickly, he organized them into a team of professionals focused on delivering organizational objectives. I respect Chris for the manner in which he speaks his mind and holds people accountable for their actions."

— Jeff Kreutzer, Director, PMO and Administration, Gartner